Sunday, 20 November 2011

Miracles are for Real by James L. Garlow & Keith Wall

Miracles are for Real  -  1/5 Stars
by, James L. Garlow & Keith Wall
Back Cover: "Definitely, you say, because you or a loved one has experienced a miracle--your sister survived a car accident that should have resulted in death. You received a check for the exact amount needed to cover this month's overdue electric bill, when your bank account was empty.

Or maybe you say, I'm not sure. You've heard stories, but you're skeptical. It seems there are a lot of impostors claiming to perform miracles.

The answer? Absolutely. And while the miraculous stories in this book are evidence of God's working today, that's just the beginning. Pastor and teacher Dr. Jim Garlow and writer Keith Wall carefully examine biblical teaching about miracles and provide honest, trustworthy information that will boost your faith. Whether you need a miracle today or you want to understand how to recognize a true miracle, this is your inspiring guide."

My Review...
Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on how you look at it – this book had me digging deep into my Bible and consulting with my Strong’s Bible concordance as I compared what was being said in the book to the Bible. As with any book that teaches about the Christian faith it is always wise to make sure that it aligns with what you know to be true in the Scriptures. The positive aspects of this book were that it was easy to read and there were some encouraging stories.

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