Saturday, 5 January 2013

Oliver Twist

Review: I grew up listening to Focus on the Family's radio theater. We didn't have T.V. or even a video player for most of my growing up years, and no, I am not a hundred years old. My family and I just lived way out in the sticks and I entertained myself with building forts, playing in trees, riding horses, and in the evenings or on trips, I would listen to radio theater.

I have so many good memories attached to Focus on the Family. As soon as the opening lyrics of Oliver Twist flew from my speakers my mind was flooded with different times and different places where I was swept away into the lands of Narnia, The Secret Garden, Adventures in Odyssee, and many other radio theater productions.

Oliver Twist was brilliantly done. It is a classic story that most people have probably seen acted out in live theater, read the book, or at least heard of it. I knew the story of Oliver Twist before listening to Focus on the Family's broadcast of it, but listening to the radio theater was like hearing the story for the first time. The narrative was brilliantly done and the voices, music, and drama was just incredible. I really enjoyed this collection and would highly recommend "Oliver Twist" and any other radio theater done by Tyndale and Focus on the Family.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this publication.

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