Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sincerely Yours: A Novella Collection

Back Cover: Spanning a century and a continent, these romantic novellas will lead you on a journey through the landscape of love. Four young women find their lives altered after each receives a letter that sets her on a new path. From a Hudson River steamboat to a lush drawing room, from a carousel carver’s workshop to a remote hospital, you’ll be swept into the lives of women who are making their way in the world and finding love where they least expect it.

Moonlight Promise by Laurie Alice Eakes: Camilla Renfew is a highborn English lady fleeing false accusations when she runs smack into love on a steamboat bound for the new Erie Canal. But can this unexpected attraction survive the treacherous journey?

Lesson in Love by Ann Shorey: Marigold Montgomery Bently writes marriage advice for Kipler’s Home Weekly even though she is single. Everyone assumes from the initials that “M.M.” is a man. When the editor asks to meet Mr. Bently, can Merrie come up with a ruse to keep her writing job?

One Little Word by Amanda Cabot: Lorraine Caldwell will lose her family fortune to a reckless cousin if she doesn’t marry quickly. When she learns her long-lost brother is alive, she hopes she’s found the answer to her problems. What she finds instead is a mysterious carousel carver who turns her life upside down.

A Saving Grace by Jane Kirkpatrick: Grace Hathway must rescue a dear friend from a remote and notorious clinic that promises healing but delivers only heartache. In a place laced with deceit, where lives hang in the balance, whom can she trust to help her?

Review: This was a very sweet collection of novellas. The beauty of this collection is that you can be introduced to a wonderful new heroine and her potential beau and in the space of a few pages you will be knee deep in the plot. Fifteen minutes into the read you’ll know the conflict and within an hour you will have summited the climax and hurtled towards the satisfying conclusion. That is the beauty of a novella. For anyone who only has a few minutes here and there to spare, a novella is a great way to relish the entire scope of a short story without having to spend hours reading a full sized book.

I really enjoyed this collection – and there are some big name authors here. I particularly loved Moonlight Promise and One Little Word. The stories are all so different – and each author took such a different spin on the letter writing plot. I found it fascinating how such different angles and stories could come from the same main idea.

This was a very sweet collection. Wonderful for those on a time crunch and want something heart-warming and romantic to read.

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