Friday, 29 August 2014

Below the Surface by Tim Shoemaker

Back Cover: "He stared into the dark water. Something was still down there. Watching. Just below the surface. Cooper pulled his feet onto the swim platform. Whatever it was, it wasn't finished with him yet. Cooper knew that in his heart. It was waiting for him. Just waiting to catch him alone." Quote from "Below the Surface"

Review: Well written. Exciting. Kept me turning the pages. A great pre-teen to teen read.

This is the first novel I've read by Tim Shoemaker. I'm a fan of young adult fiction and have read my share of this genre. I appreciated the entertainment value of this book - enter four young friends on a camping trip, a lover's quarrel that turns deadly beneath the dark waves of the intimidating ocean, a hidden monster lurking beneath the depths, and only one girl believe that a crime has actually been commited and you have the makings of an exciting story.

When a late night boat ride ends in Cooper and his friends witnessing what appears to be the vicious, enraged murder of a fellow boater's girlfriend - everyone except Hiro brushes it off as a lover's quarrel when the girl appears on the beach soon after the police arrive at the scene. To Hiro though, there is something off....there is something about the girl that isn't right.

It's not the same girl.

But no one believes her.

Fighting the eye-rolling and exacerbated sighs of the police, Hiro pushes her investigation forward. When it becomes clear that there really is something going on, will it be too late to solve the crime and save Hiro?

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