Thursday, 13 November 2014

Destined for Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

Back Cover: Giddy with shock, I whispered, "What are you doing here?"

I waited for words of love, a confession that he couldn't exist without me anymore than I could live without him, reassurance that he realized my leaving him on the Brig o' Doon had been at the expense of my own heart, and the promise that we would never be apart again.

Instead, Duncan let his hand drop from my arm. His posture stiffened as his gaze refocused in the vicinity of my right earlobe.

"The queen has tasked me with bringing ye back to Doon."

The queen? The absence of his touch left me feeling ice-cold. Goosebumps covered my arms as I crossed them over my chest. "You mean Even? My best friend?"

She needed me? The unspoken truth - he didn't. He was here only because those were the orders he'd been given. The hope that'd been welling up inside of me froze.

Review: An awesome piece of young adult romantic fiction! I'm not usually a fan of anything written in first person. I find it tends to lead to poor quality writing and a very narrow scope of the story. However, I stopped noticing this book was in first person after that first couple of pages and simply became engrossed in the story.

Doon is a magical land that 'exists' in Scotland…but it can only be accessed on very special occasions by people who have been chosen and called to the land by Doon's Protector.

Kenna and Vee were both called to Doon in the book before. Spoiler Alert: Vee ends up staying in Doon as their queen, betrothed to her gorgeous prince…and Kenna ends up returning to our world to supposedly 'save' her chosen love….

However, Kenna is far from over Duncan and Vee is in serious trouble. So when Duncan shows up at her theatre to inform her she is needed back in Doon, her first instinct is to re-kindle things with Duncan and rush to Vee's aid…

But things have a funny way of turning out. Doon is not in the shape that Kenna last saw it - the evil witch has sent a curse upon the land, Vee and her fianc√© are at odds, Duncan will hardly speak to Kenna and seem to have his eyes set on someone else… and the whole situation is just a big, huge, fat mess.

Quite literally, they are all on the brink of doom.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and young adult fiction. The book can get a bit descriptive so I would recommend it more to mid/late teenagers…  Kenna refers to something she doesn't like as a "butt crack, the kisses are pretty well described, and the evil fungus taking over Doon literally melts the flesh off man and animal alike and turns them into disgusting zombies. Just keep the content in mind if buying the book for someone under 13. Overall though, I really enjoyed this book and ordered the first book off amazon so I can go back and read it.

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