Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Burning Questions DVD series

Synopsis: There are Burning Questions, the answers to which have profound implications because they effect so many other areas of life: for instance, whether or not life has meaning, purpose or hope. Yet, too often, attempts to talk about these questions are marred by a class of fundamentalisms, by extremists (religious or secular) simply yelling or trying to outsmart each other.

Is there a better way to have discourse on these questions that really to matter? Join Dr. Andy Bannister as he tries to do just that - journeying across three countries - talking to a wide range of experts - people of all faiths and none - in search of some clarity. Whether you're a skeptic or a seeker, a doubter or a disciple, Burning Questions will encourage you to listen well, think deeply and to follow the evidence where it leads.

Review: I watched this DVD series over the course of a month. It's not a series that you'd sit down and watch over a weekend, there is too much content in it to get everything out of the dialogue if it is rushed. Big questions are raised to the leading experts in atheism, Christianity, and other religions - and their answers are thought provoking. This is a series that certainly takes some time to digest and mull over.

The six main questions asked are:
1) Is there a God?
2) God and Science
3) The Problem of Evil
4) Which Religion is True?
5) Can we Trust the Bible?
6) Who is Jesus

The DVD series comes with a free download of a study guide to use in a group study. I would recommend this project for a small group as well as for individual study. It could also be the basis of a sermon series.

A very worthwhile DVD set. It made stop and think and analyze my own thoughts on the six main questions, and it helped me develop a more thought-out approach to my own beliefs. It isn't enough just to state a fact - there needs to be knowledge, faith, and a thought out argument behind it if you are going to convince anyone that what you believe is the truth.

A free copy of this DVD series was proved compliments of Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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