Monday, 5 January 2015

King by R.J.Larson

Back Cover:
Akabe of Siphra, I have brought your enemies low
and lifted you from the dirt.

Against his wishes and desires, Akabe Garrier has been chosen by his people to be king. A warrior at heart, he'd never dreamed of such a swift, unexpected rise to power. Determined to prove his worth to the citizens of Munra and honour his Creator, Akabe undertakes a monumental task: to rebuild the Infinite's Holy House in Siphra.

Only this I ask: Restore my temple and let Me 
dwell again among the people.

Akabe soon discovers that the land he needs is held by the Thaenfalls, known to Atea-worshippers who will give up their claim only if he marries into their line. Though he seeks direction from the Infinite, his pleas are met with silence. Frustrated, Akabe makes an impulsive decision, sweeping his nation into a lethal storm that threatens his plans for the temple. As questions of love and faith become tangled with lies, ancient feuds, and treacherous plots, can Akabe, his mysterious queen, and his trusted friends Ela and Kien Lantec find the Infinite's path…or will they fail as so many others before?

Will your faith hold strong when I am silent?
Child, can you be my King?

Review: I really enjoy this series. It is hard to get entertaining and faith-building in the same package - especially when you are dealing with fantasy. This series does both these things. I've read Prophet, Judge, and now King and I've equally enjoyed all three books. Following the prophet, Ella, through her adventures and the leading of the Infinite has been really inspiring for me.

Speaking of love…that very topic drives most of the story through King. I can never get enough of romance, so I was quite pleased to find that Ella and Kien were once again in the same city and love is sparking between them… and that the new King Akabe as found himself quite the exotic woman.

Ella is always so focused on the Infinite, even where Kien is considered. As much as she loves him desperately and considers him the only man she'd ever marry - she wouldn't hesitate for a moment to remain unmarried if that meant following the Infinite's will. She's one strong girl. Sometimes too strong - and she has remained convinced that being married will hamper her ability to follow the Infinite's will. However, when her father starts the process of attempting to marry her off and she nearly finds herself engaged to a king, Ella is forced to do some quick thinking and praying to figure out what the Infinite's will is for her life.

As for the new King Akabe…his foreign bride may allow him to build the temple on the city's holy ground - but his decision to marry a heathen worshipper may have been too hasty. As assassins threaten his life, spies infiltrate his new kingdom, and war threatens… Akabe desperately seeks for the truth and tries to convince his wife who the real God is.

Love, Faith, and War… those three words describe this book very well. An excellent addition to the "Books of the Infinite" series.

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