Friday, 9 January 2015

Stolen by Katariina Rosenblatt

The Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor….

Katariina Rosenblatt was a lonely and abused young girl, yearning to be loved, wanting attention. That made her the perfect target. On an ordinary day, she met a confident young woman - someone Kat wished she could be like - who pretended to be a friend while slowly luring her into a child trafficking ring. A cycle of false friendships, threats, drugs, and violence kept her trapped.

As Kat shares her harrowing experiences, her ultimate escape, and her passionate efforts to now free other victims, you'll see that not only is sex trafficking happening frighteningly close to home - it's also something that can be stopped. Stolen is a warning, a celebration of survival, and a beacon of hope that will inspire you.

Review: Katariina tells a story that you wish was just that…. a story. A fable. Fiction. Something you could put back on the shelf and say, "Well, glad THAT wasn't real."

Unfortunately, she is telling a true story. HER story.

 She's beaten, raped, lied too, kidnapped, drugged, and betrayed by family, friends, and those that should have protected her.

Her story is raw. She tells it as it was. Laying the facts bare for all to see. She doesn't use extra words or waste time embellishing the story - there is no need. Her life is story enough without any extras.

"Stolen" really bothered me - which I consider a good thing. Katariina's story made me think, made me uncomfortable, and gave me a desire to see things change. It also made me more aware of an evil that I may never have recognized before - even if I'd seen it happening. I can't believe such atrocities happen to boys and girls - mere children! Sex trafficking is a horrid, horrific thing…the trafficking of children is beyond imaginable. Perhaps what is most awful about Katariina's life is the fact that her abuse happened in the USA and in such a deceptive fashion. She was getting used, sold, and horrifically treated right under the noses of so many people that should have noticed - even her own mother.

This book is something every mother and father should read. It gave me an insight into how these kind of rings work and how they prey on children. Their methods are evil and so easy to overlook.

I am sure Katariina's story will help save many lives. Read this book and encourage others to do so as well. As much as this book focuses on her story, she makes it clear that victims are not just girls, but little boys as well. Every parent should read this story.

Katariina's destroyed childhood lead into a life of domestic abuse as she found herself pregnant and then married to an abusive husband for 20 years. As she often says, she was fortunate. Most children that are brought into prostitution don't live past their early twenties.

Through the years of domestic abuse and raising two children virtually on her own, Katariina earned her high school diploma, a college education, and a PhD in law. Today, she is a force in educating people on sex trafficking, protecting children, and helping those caught in prostitution to find a way out.  Visit to find out how you can help.

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