Friday, 28 October 2016

The Raven by Mike Nappa

Back Cover: As part of his street performance, a deception specialist who goes by the name The Raven picks his audience's pockets while they watch. It's harmless fun - until he decides to keep the wallet of a prominent politician, hoping for a few extra bucks. When he finds compromising photos of the councilman and his "personal assistants," The Raven hatches a plan to blackmail the man. However, he quickly finds himself in over his head with the Ukrainian Mafia and mired in a life threatening plot code named "Nevermore."

Private investigators Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill must scramble to sort out the clues to rescue The Raven from a wild card bent on revenge.

Review: Wow. This new series by Mike Nappa is something else. I devoured The Raven in a day. It's fast paced - very fast paced - and too exciting to put down. The first book in this new and riveting series staring the Coffey and Hill detective agency was Annabel Lee and The Raven follows right on its heels.

The Coffey and Hill novels star Trudi Coffey the head of the Coffey and Hill detective agency. Originally, it was both hers and her husband's business - hence the "Hill" part of the name - until he decided to take a second wife oversees on one of his CIA business trips. The pig. Now, seven years later, Samuel Hill is back and Trudi finds herself somewhat unwillingly working the odd case with her ex-husband.Unfortunately, they are an amazing team, so when things get tense and the two separate cases they are working on begin to overlap, Trudi and Samuel find themselves in close quarters again.

I love the chemistry between Samuel and Trudi. Their's is a very interesting relationship. On one hand, Trudi has found Jesus and Samuel accepts her new faith but doesn't understand it. And on the other hand, Samuel is begging for Trudi's forgiveness and for another chance, but Trudi just can't bring herself to trust him again. I'm looking forward to see how these two work things out - or not - over the rest of the series.

As for The Raven, this kid has seriously gotten himself into some big trouble. A pastor's kid on the run from his old life and a God he doesn't understand his knack for getting in trouble has just landed him in the angry clutches of the mafia and their nefarious plan.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting thriller. It is a fantastic read.

Thank-you to Graf Martin Communications and Baker Publishing House for a complimentary copy of The Raven in exchange for my honest opinion.

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