Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Another Day, Another Dali by Sandra Orchard

Back Cover: When a valuable Salvador Dali painting belonging to her grandmother’s friend is mysteriously replaced by a forgery, FBI Special Agent Serena Jones is called in to investigate. Serena hopes finding the thief will also mean finally measuring up to Nana’s expectations. But when the evidence points to members of the owner’s own household, it becomes increasingly clear that Serena won’t be winning any popularity contests.
The Dali isn’t the only painting that’s fallen prey to the forgery-replacing thief, raising the specter of a sophisticated theft ring–one with links to dirty cops, an aspiring young artist, and the unsolved murder of Serena’s grandfather.
With plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments, Another Day, Another Dali gives the plucky Serena Jones–and readers–a new high-stakes case to crack.

Review: The first book in this series, "A Fool and His Monet" captured my attention with its quirky cover and unique title. After reading and thoroughly enjoying "A Fool and His Monet" I made a note to keep an eye out for the next book in this series. I had high expectations for Serena Jones' next adventure after the fun, feisty, thrilling adventure in book number one. "Another Day Another Dali" did not disappoint as it took me on another entertaining whirlwind of an adventure.

I love Serena's crazy wanna-be-detective grandmother who is always honing in on Serena's cases and mixing herself up with less-than-favorable characters (much to Serena's horror!). Seriously... this grandmother cooks up mafia connections for herself and figures out Serena's leads almost as fast as Serena does - awesome grandma! And lets not forget Serena's mother who is hilarious in her own right; desperate to save her daughter from some awful fate (such as never getting married and having children... or getting blown up by a bomb), Serena's worry-wart mother panics every time Serena goes on a case and misses no opportunity to plot matrimony for her unsuspecting daughter. Then, last but not least, we have Tanner and Nate. Who doesn't love a story with a kick-butt female lead who has two hot, capable men chasing after her? Not only is it entertaining watching these two guys try to win Serena over, but observing their background jostling as they try to outdo each other is hilarious! The cast of characters in this series is just great!

Serena herself is smart, fun and quirky. She comes off as perhaps not the most capable detective - but somehow through a little luck and help from unlikely sources she manages to stay alive and even solve a case or two!

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was an easy read from start to finish with no dull moments. I was engaged from the first to the last page and am looking forward to the next book. 

Thank-you to Revell, a division of Baker Publishing House, and Graf Martin Communications for a complimentary copy of this book. 

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