Thursday, 12 October 2017

Case for Christ, the movie

My Opinion: I went into this movie with high expectations as I had heard a lot about the book. Admittedly, I've never read the book so I can't claim whether or not the movie is a good reflection of the novel or not. However, I had the feeling while watching the movie that the producers went to extreme effort to include as many aspects from the novel as possible. If it makes sense, the movie played out a lot like a book. 

It wasn't as glitzy and fast paced as most Hollywood movies we are seeing these days. The Case for Christ was slow, methodical, and not in a rush to impress. This movie followed the personal story of Lee Strobel, an atheist news man whose wife came to know Christ. Throughout this movie, Lee goes to extraordinary effort to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is not real and that the resurrection did not happen. He figures that, if he can prove Christianity is false, that his wife will give up her new found faith. This is an amazing story of one man's battle against Christ and his eventual surrender.

The movie is an excellent apologetic and/or faith building movie. From the viewpoint of a non-believer, I think this movie would be a bit hard to understand as it uses a lot of Christian terminology that a non believer would not be familiar with. There was an assumption in the film, I believe, that the viewer had a base knowledge of Christianity.

I did not find this movie exciting or thrilling, but it was a hearty film filled with great content and education on the facts behind Jesus and the resurrection. This would be a very good film to watch in a small group Bible Study. 

Thank-you to Graf Martin for a link to view this movie. 

Watch the trailer HERE

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