Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The Royal Chef at Home

Review: I typically review works of fiction, but today I diverged into some different territory. The new cookbook, "The Royal Chef" landed on my doorstep, and I enjoyed a mouthwatering hour flipping through the thick, glossy pictures.

The things I loved about this book.... First, it boasts many delicious looking photos. I always find it inspiring when I flip through a cookbook and see something that appeals to me. Generally, it is the photo that catches my eye first and encourages me to read the recipe. Second, the recipes were approachable. There were some more complicated dishes in this book, but there were also many simple but tasty looking pieces with recognizable ingredients that most people would have in their cupboards or fridges every day. In fact, the majority of the recipes I could try without having to go and search out some strange and unknown spice or veggie. I am easily intimidated by complicated recipes, and this book actually inspired me to try some new things. Third, "The Royal Chef" has a very simple and clean design. Each page only hosts a single recipe. It is very user-friendly and does not overwhelm at all. Fourth, and lastly, it is ridiculously mouth watering. I can't wait to  start cooking out of it. There is a nice blend of recognizable recipes (with a twist, of course) but also some very creative and inventive ideas that look absolutely scrumptious but are completely unique (great to surprise your family and friends with this Christmas season).

I was planning to cook a recipe out of it tonight... but I accidentally left it at my mom's house and I'm afraid I won't be getting it back...! Early Christmas present?? But in all seriousness, this cookbook would make a lovely gift to any cook in your home, whether they are just starting out on their culinary adventures or are seasoned veterans.

Thank-you to Graf Martin Communications for a complimentary copy of this cook book in exchange for my honest opinion.

From the Publisher:

The Royal Chef is at it again! Darren McGrady, former personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, has curated and created delicious, easy recipes that will add an elegant touch to any meal without requiring hours of laboring in the kitchen.

Darren's Easy Seasons is perfect for entertaining no matter what the time of year, including midday lunches and brunches, teas, indoor and outdoor sit-down and buffet dinners, and cocktail parties. The book is also organized by season with events including a Children's Easter Egg Roll, Valentine's Day for Two, a proper Sunday dinner, Christmas open house, and Thanksgiving.

Darren also provides tips on ingredients, substitutions, and alternatives, making this book an easy but comprehensive "go-to" party-planning resource. Includes "Notes on Entertaining" to help lighten the load and make even the largest celebrations go off without a hitch.

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