Monday, 4 May 2015

Remnants: Season of Fire by Lisa T. Bergren

Back Cover:  We'd Freed the man that Kaellach had held prisoner for season upon season.

I turned and looked at him again, to make certain it was real, that I wasn't dreaming.

How odd it was, to begin the day on one ship with Keallach, then end the other day on another with his twin. A shiver ran down my back.

We'd won the battle.

But we'd also just openly declared war.

Review: This book could have been another 500 pages long and I would have been delighted. As I was reading, I was actually dreading the fact that I was having to flip the pages because that was bringing me closer to the end… and well, clearly I didn't want that!

I consumed book #1 of this series in two days, and this second one didn't fair much better. I really love the concept of these books, the characters, and the plot. It's all so good. This series is honestly a very well put together collection of teen fiction.

The plot moves quickly through book one and doesn't slow down for a second in book two. There are a lot of dystopian novels out there, but this one is now one of my favourites. The Remnants are born into our world many years after is has been desolated by nuclear war. Cancer from the war ravages the people, the land itself is infertile, many species of animals are extinct and those that remain are strange variations of what was in the past, and for the most part our technologies are completely gone. What is left are small groups of people fighting to survive in the desolate landscape and to avoid getting raped, robbed, kidnapped, or killed by Drifters or the Capital. It is illegal to be gifted, like the Remnants are, and all but a few have been murdered as the Capital seeks to gain complete control. Amongst such chaos, the Remnants must gather together the few who still believe in the Maker and try to reclaim the world for Him.

 From beginning to end there are no 'dead spots' or sections I wanted to just skim through. I enjoyed every minute of this read. The Remnants are an intriguing and gifted group of young people, of whom there truly is no limit as to where the author can take them. The dialogue and interactions of the characters are spot-on and a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this book!

A free copy was received from BookLook in exchange for my honest opinion…The first book in this series was purchase by myself

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