Monday, 4 May 2015

Remnants: Season of Wonder by Lisa T. Bergren

 Back Cover: Andriana is a remnant, one of the gifted born on the seventh day during the seventy-seventh Harvest after the Great War, and destined to act as humanity's last shield against the horrors that now plague those who remain.

After years of training in stealth and warfare, Andriana and her Knight protector, Ronan, are finally ready to answer the Call and begin the life they were designed for. But as they embark with the other Remnants on the first of their assignments, they quickly discover that the world beyond the protected Valley is more dangerous than they imagined.

The Sons of Sheol will stop at nothing to prevent Dri and Ronan from rescuing anyone sympathetic to the Remnants' cause. And as the Remnants battle the demonic forces, other enemies close in. Dangers intensify, but so do Dri's feelings for Ronan - the one emotion she is not meant to feel. In the midst of their mission, Andriana must find a way to master her feelings. Or risk compromising everything.

Review: Absolutely fabulous book! Five gold stars and all that. I received a copy of book 2 of this series, started to read it, then realized that wasn't a good idea so I went out and bought book one. I'm loving this series so much and am almost done reading book two. I hope she keeps the sequels coming fast - because I'm going to be waiting rather impatiently. This series is fantastic!

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