Monday, 22 February 2016

Live Loved Coloring Book

 I rarely colour.... except, perhaps, if I find myself babysitting little kids. That being said, I know colouring has become a bit of a fad lately. Apparently it's supposed to help adults wind down? Being a skeptic, I honestly never considered trying 'adult colouring' until the wonderful people at Graf Martin sent me this book....It was really fun!

What I liked about this particular coloring book it is that the flowers aren't too small. I know that sounds really old, but I've seen some of the other adult colouring books and they would seriously give me a migraine in ten minutes. You need a microscope to colour in the lines!

The pictures in this book are the perfect size to prove challenging enough to keep an adult entertained but not so small you need to sharpen your pencils every thirty seconds. I'm actually going to colour the rest of these pages with my younger cousins - I have a feeling kids would enjoy this book too.

Another nice thing about the Live Loved colouring book is that you are decorating scripture - it really gives you something wonderful to think on as you are making art. By the time you have it coloured I'm sure you will have the verse memorized as well.

Thank-you Graf Martin Communications and Baker Publishing House for this copy.


  1. I want this book. I love such coloring books very much. It's so relaxing to color them!

  2. I'll have to check it out! Thanks.