Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

Will Maggie Listen to the Warnings of Those She Trusts Most or the Leadings of Her Heart?

Back Cover: The answer to Maggie Montgomery's dream of seeing America has arrived at just the right time. Not only will she be reunited with her beloved brother Rylan, but she'll finally be able to escape Neil Fitzgerald and his increasingly unwanted attentions. She's intent on never returning to Ireland, hoping to build her future in the land of opportunity and perhaps find the love of her life.

While visiting Irish Meadows, she meets an intriguing man she thinks is a stable hand. Only when her brother demands she stay away from Adam O'Leary does she learn he's Rylan's brother-in-law, recently released from prison. Nonetheless, Maggie can't seem to make her stubborn heart conform to her brother's request.

Adam O'Leary has never felt worthy of his place in the family. Now a free man, Adam's only desire is to earn back his family's trust. Falling in love with the newly arrived Maggie, however, was never in his plans. Despite everyone's efforts to keep them apart, the two develop a bond it seems nothing can break - but they soon discover the past isn't easy to overcome.

Review: A Worthy Heart is book two in the Courage to Dream Series. The first book, Irish Meadows, which was released last August, was the prequel to a Worthy Heart. You can read the review to Irish Meadows HERE.

I really enjoyed Irish Meadows with the vivacious, charming Breanna, and I was really happy to see that Breanna and all the other characters from book one showed up in book two, A Worthy Heart. Adam O'Leary, Breanna's troubled brother, starts off this new book by being released from prison. A villain in the first book, it was interesting to see the world out of his eyes in the second book. I honestly did not like him in book one, but it seems a term in prison and the influence of a preacher named John really changed him. I appreciate characters that grow and develop, and Adam certainly does that over the course of these two books.

What I like about these books is that they are not just focused on a couple - they envelope the story of an entire family. Like all families, the O'Leary's have great moments and not so great moments. In A Worthy Heart  some pretty dark secrets in the O'Leary's past come to light, and I must admit, I was not expecting those revelations...but who doesn't like drama in a novel?

A Worthy Heart was a great book. I really liked the double romance that takes place in its pages. Not only do Adam and Maggie start some serious sparks flying, but Aurora (Gil's jilted fianc√© from book one) and Gabe (Maggie's brother) see something irresistible in each other. Between Aurora's arrogant and controlling father who angrily disapproves of Gabe, to Adam's unforgiving father, to a stalker turned arsonists on the loose....there are some real plot-fueling events in this book. Without giving too much away, this novel contains endearing characters, crazy family backstory, and exciting plot twists that really keep you turning the pages.

I would definitely recommend both the books in the Courage to Dream series.

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