Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Flash Point by Thomas Locke

Will they shatter the boundaries of time and space?

Lena Fennan is a low-level financial analyst with a high-powered conviction. Just as she's on the verge of a life-transforming windfall, a mysterious invitation draws her into a series of events that threatens to crush her. But captivated by a glimpse into a breathtaking future, Lena refuses to give in.

Reese Clawson emergence from prison gripped by the slow burn of revenge. She aims to track down everyone who had a hand in destroying her - and take them out. First on the list is Charlie Hazard, who will be snared by their shared secret.

As events and places become tangled, Lena and Reese are pulled into a collision course that could redefine everything - even the limits of human possibilities.

Review: This is the second book in the series "Fault Lines" by Thomas Locke. Fault Lines is a daring new science fiction series for young adults that manages to twist and turn its way through the unbelievable while maintaining just enough of a grip on reality to make you wonder... and fear... that it could actually be true.

In the world of Fault Lines, a small group of scientists have managed to isolate brain waves that allow people to travel into the future and across the globe in a mere instant. These ascents, while beautiful, are also fraught with danger as monsters unseen in the physical realm all of a sudden become a terrifying reality. I can see why many people would be absolutely riveted by this story - the plot is clever, characters realistic, and the pace fast. Flash Point is a very well written science fiction piece.

Personally, I found the concept of this novel interesting, but disturbing. I struggled with the premise behind the 'ascensions'. To me, this felt very contrary to God honoring beliefs. We are not supposed to empty our minds, and the whole concept of ascending out of your physical body and into a space between heaven and earth seems like dangerous ground to me. In this series, characters can ascend out of their physical bodies and look down on themselves from a position above their physical selves, can travel to different places and influence the physical world, and basically meddle in a realm that is reserved for spiritual hosts.... to me it was very disturbing and touched too close to a reality that believers of Christ should not meddle with.

Thank-you to Graf Martin Communications and Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for a complimentary copy of Flash Point in exchange for my honest opinion.

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