Wednesday, 26 October 2016

From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden

Stella West's artistic talent made her the toast of London, but when her beloved sister dies under mysterious circumstances she abandons everything and heads for Boston. With single-minded determination she fights to pierce the ring of secrecy surrounding her sister's death. Upon meeting Romulus White, a publisher with connections into every important power circle in the city, she quickly realizes he could be a valuable ally in navigating Boston society.

Romulus has been pursing Stella for years to create art for his magazine. Her luminous illustrations are the missing piece he needs to propel his magazine to the forefront of the industry, and he will stop at nothing to get her on board.

Sparks fly the instant they join forces, but Romulus is unsettled by the unwelcome attraction he feels towards Stella, fearing she might be the one woman who could disrupt his hard-won independence. He may have finally met his match in Stella, but is helping her solve the mystery of her sister's death worth the risk to his publishing empire?

Review: I was really excited to get my hands on a new book by Elizabeth Camden. I really enjoy her historical romances. From This Moment tells an interesting tale of a slightly eccentric young artist named Stella West who is ferociously determined to find out what happened to her sister. Tact is not Stella's talent and she blows into Boston like a hurricane, stomping and running rough shod over every lead she can dig up trying to trample the truth out of those she's convinced are shielding her sister's murderer. On the other hand, we have Romulus. Romulus has risen in Boston society by is sheer ability to cleverly maneuver his way around high society with his impeccable manners, good looks, and silver tongue. When Stella, a woman he's been trying to hire for years, agrees to work with him in exchange for access to his contacts, Romulus believes he has made a fantastic bargain until her rough mannered ways rapidly begin disgracing him in-front of the very people he needs to keep his business thriving.

Furious, Romulus would like nothing better than to be rid of Stella West - but her talent for art and her uncanny ability to see through his exterior and into his soul makes her very hard to expunge from his life. For her part, Stella finds Romulus' two-faced personality to be beyond aggravating and his smooth talking ways too slow for her liking. When these two fiercely different personalities collide some rather interesting fireworks begin to explode - duck and cover!

Curled up with From This Moment and a nice cup of tea is an entertaining and enjoyable way to spend a fall afternoon. I really enjoyed the hours I spent in this book. From a writing perspective, I would like to mention Elizabeth Camden's ability to write clever, witty, and believable dialogue. There is nothing that looses me faster than dialogue that is awkward or completely removed from anything you would actually hear in a real conversation. I really liked her ability to write genuinely good dialogue :)

Thank-you to Graf Martin Communications and Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for the complimentary copy of From This Moment in exchange for my honest review.

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